7 Gadgets You Wish Really Existed

Admit it, seeing awesome gadgets in movies that never really exist makes you wish they did. Well, you are not the first one. In fact, a lot of people wish that the gadgets that they see on movies were real and could be bought on EBay. Well, here is the top 10 list of movie gadgets that people wish were real.

Lightsaber from the movie “Star Wars”
lightsaber fight
A weapon made of pure energy and can cut through almost anything. Lethal and portable, how cool can a lightsaber get? In fact, people want a lightsaber so bad that even lightsaber toys became a Sci-Fi fan boy’s Holy Grail.

Who would not want a yellow Chevrolet Camaro that can
be your body guard at the same time? Whether Decepticon
or Autobot, people will surely want to have
these robots parked in their front yards.

Teleporter from the movie “Star Trek”
Star Trek Teleporter
The teleporter from Star Trek would surely be very handy since you would be able to teleport yourself wherever you want to go. Furthermore, if this gadget was real, we would no longer have to suffer from long traffic jams, diesel fumes, and even taxi meters.

The time machine from the movie “Back to the Future”
When it comes to Doc Brown’s cult classic DeLorean, the vote is unanimous. This time machine, should it be invented, would be the handiest gadget ever. The nifty flux capacitor allows time travel to be possible and very easy. Admit it! Who does not want to go back in time and correct the mistakes of the past?

Remote Control from the movie “Click”
remote control from movie click
If only we were able to pause, slow, or fast forward time, people will no longer have to worry about anything. Skip a very tiring day, slow down happy moments in your life, or even fast forward an awkward moment, this remote control can do it for you.

MIB’s Neuralyzer
The Neuralyzer device makes it easier for Agent K and J to keep people from knowing about the existence of aliens here on Earth. Now if this gadget was real, anyone could just make a crowd forget about their embarrassing moment. You forgot your girlfriend’s birthday? Let the Neuralyzer take care of it.

X-Men’s Cerebro
Russian for silver and Spanish for brain, Cerebro is a machine in the X-Men movie used by Professor Xavier to locate mutants from anywhere in the world. In the hands of a telepath, this machine could be very powerful. Just see to it that your mom won’t be able to get one.